Comparative study of responsibility of the processing Applicant institution, the controller, and the Processor under gdpr and the Bill “Preservation and protection Personal Data"

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1 Associate Professor at Tehran University

2 Ph.D. student of Kharazmi University of Tehran



comparative study Responsibilities Applicant processing entity, controller and processor Under gdpr and Bill »preservation and protection of personal data«
Many times Institutions that actually or potentially hold people's data Attempt to delegate the processing of data to third parties,The question that arises This is that Assignment processing What kind of service provider CanHelp protect data privacy? Vacuum addressing the definition and responsibility of the processing applicant body It is felt in the GDPR and Bill «preservation and protection of personal data». The applicant body must not only be aware of its primary responsibility, its necessary Differences in responsibilities and obligations Between controller and processor usage Also understand. The comparative review of these roles is under the GDPR and the Bill is very applicable, Regarding Assign controller and processor assignments The bill needs reform, But overall under both regulations Assign services to an independent controller It is more effective for protecting the privacy of individuals and reducing the applicant's obligations.
"Applicant Processing Entity", "Controller", "Processor"


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