The study of nature of defect Compensation in jurisprudence And Iranian civil code

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There is no doubt in this issue the defect of compensation in fact is defect of goods liability but there is disagreement about nature of it, that is contractual liability or non-contractual liability and if it is a contractual liability, is it physical liability or mental liability that were referred to it by some eminent Islamic jurists or it is a legal damage. The results of discussion appear in this issue that if the the orderliness of the goods is considered an essential condition, the lack of it ,is an indication that the Seller did not satisfy his/her obligations and therefore the contract is invalid. and if the orderliness of the goods is part of it, discovery of defect generates an option of termination. This article is about analyses of such discussion with study in view of civil code and in finally we deciding proved that the defect of compensation is based on legal damage.


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