Comparative study of Enforcement of Security Interest in Movable Property in Uniform Commercial Code of USA and Iranian Law

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2 law, faculty of law, shahid beheshti university, tehran, iran



Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code of USA is recognized as a model for other legal systems by anticipating developed regulations on the security interest in movable property. One of the essential features of this article is the rules on the enforcement of the security interest and the priority of the holders of rights in a same collateral. On this basis, if debtor defaulted, the beneficiary of the collateral may personally, without interference by the court or other official body, enforce the security interest and repossess collateral to foreclosure or sell it as consideration of the debt or part of it. Performance of the conditions, such as non breach of peace, the reasonable conditions of transfer and foreclosure, is mandatory and the violation is warrantable. In relation to the priority of holders of security interest, a creditor who has perfected and registered his right prior to others, regardless date of conclusion of the security agreement. In Iranian law, action to official authorities is only way of enforcing security interest in movable property. Priority exercise on the basis of the precedence or delay of the date of conclusion of the security agreement. due to the lack of a filling system, the establishment of unified systems for registration of security interest in movable property, priority over time and granting of the right of self enforcement the security interest to the beneficiaries by considering the responsibility is offered, in order to develop the security in the movable property and financing.


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