A Critical Look at the Content of the Five-Year Development Plan Law in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor of Law, Semnan University

2 Ph.D. Candidate of Public Law, Imam Sadeq University



In the Iranian legal system, economic, social, and cultural development plans are prepared in the form of “law” and in the form of five-year plans. Despite the assumption of three characteristics of ”being planned”, “being temporary and timely” and “being in line” with the goals and policies of economic and social development for this group of laws, examining the content of this group of laws shows that a significant part from the provisions of these rules, it has no relation to all or part of the mentioned features. In the form of descriptive-analytical research, while pathology of the content of the five-year development plan laws, it was concluded that the view of parliamentarians on the program laws as a suitable platform for legislating any issue that is expected of them and this factor has caused some anomalies in legislation and has undermined legislative discipline. Therefore, legislation in order to “establish a permanent organization or organization”, “amend ordinary laws”, “provide for the rights and duties of citizens” and “reform the role or competence of legal institutions and authorities” should be done in their own laws.


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