Neighbor Rights & Apartment Animals’ rights: A legal jurisprudetial analysis

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1 Associate professor of Law, Ilam University

2 Associate professor of Jurisprudence and law, University of Tehran (

3 Associate professor of Jurisprudence and law, Ilam University



In the Islamic view, the public rights of the people are of particular importance. In the position of conflict between the right of God and the right of the people, he considers the right of the people before the right of God In addition, harm to the general public guarantees and compensates. Whether this damage is caused directly or indirectly. Instead of advising solidarity and intimacy, the culture of urbanization and living in an apartment has the convergence and separation to avoid conflicts of interest, and in explaining the damage to neighbors in the neighborhood, minor and insignificant examples. It has been noticed and more important issues and losses have been neglected. Keeping animals in the apartment causes the spread of viruses whose damage is not limited to the apartment where they live, and most of the neighbors may be affected. The present article tries to examine the jurisprudential-legal guarantees of animal owners in the apartment space by resorting to constitutional laws, the bill of the Environment Organization and the plan of the members of the parliament regarding the subject and rules of jurisprudence of La zarar and Tasbib, and make suggestions for correcting and supplementing the relevant laws and regulations.


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