Review veto procedures in the UN Security Council

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1 PhD student in law

2 Full Professor, University of Tehran, Department of Law and Political Science,

3 assistant professor of law imam hossein university



The right of veto has always been of great importance as a means of exercising power by the permanent members of the Security Council. This article aims to review the veto procedures in the UN Security Council in a descriptive-analytical manner using the theory of realism. The main research question is: What effect does the veto privilege for the permanent members of the Security Council have on the veto of the Security Council? The results show that today, the emergence of various political and economic developments in the international arena has led to the veto is no longer open and real, and permanent members have tended to a secret and open veto. On the other hand, the issue of veto power has been brought to the attention of the international community today, and various countries have stated that veto power should be restricted in cases such as genocide and the commission of widespread crimes against humanity. However, this has not yet been finalized and finalized. However, due to the developments in the new era and the existence of crises such as Syria, it is not unreasonable to expect that with the approval of the applicable documents, the veto will be severely restricted in practice, although we see a kind of restriction on the veto.


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