The consequences of Climate Change on the Individual and Collective Human Rights with Regard to Governments' Procedures and Courts

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Climate change, as one of the most important problems of the present age, causes a lot of damage to the realization of human rights. The relationship between these two categories, although not mentioned in the main and binding sources of human rights, but with a deeper look at the consequences of this global problem, we can see that today there is a very important relationship between the possibility of human rights and climate change. This will affect both individual and collective human rights, create many obstacles to their realization, and raise issues that require addressing human rights in a new light. In this area, the practice of states and international courts is also significant. With regard to these points, the present article, by considering the existing documents and procedures and the various aspects of human life, in order to take a more realistic view of the issue of the realization of human rights in the present age, will examine the effects of climate change on the realization of various human rights and will try to Highlight human rights crises affected by this phenomenon and have been overlooked in its basic discussions.


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