The Difference between the Basics in Governmental Criminology and Criminological Governance

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1 Ph.D. Candidate of Law, Islamic Azad University, central Tehran Branch

2 Associate Professor of Law, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch



In human societies, power has always been used in the service of the government and in its protection and establishment. Therefore, governments can use different sciences in this regard with the support of systematic authorities to enjoy the various theories resulting from years of study in justifying the pressure they are putting on different social strata. With such an approach, criminology, which can be used with the idea of elevating human society by removing the limitations of grammatical formalizations and ordered criminalization, with different reading and in obedience to the government, depending on socio-political conditions as a tool for a suppressor to use control or guidance of any opposition movement. The position of criminal science, especially criminology, causes the establishment of criminal justice to become the executive framework of criminological theories and the commitment of the operating institutions and the independence of these institutions. In this regard, governmental criminology is established, which foundations are not based on considering the humankind, his needs and eliminating his shortcomings, even with the occurrence of crime, but it is based on an institution in the service of power to establish and maintain sovereignty. As political crime is defined in direct opposition to the type of power and government, or a religion-motivated crime is manifested in countries formed with governments based on religion.


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