Challenges for Competition Law during Prevalence of Covid-19

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Assistant Professor of Law, Shahid Beheshti University



The emergence of Covid-19 disease has made a particular economic
situation which by its turn has affected competition in different markets.
This research is going to analyze the approach of competition law in front of
competition challenges in the light of public interests and ensuring public
health. In the present paper, the aspects of agreements, unilateral practices,
concentrations, state aids and unilateral government interventions in the
competition field are examined from the perspective of competition rules,
regarding the particular situations imposed by Covid-19. This study reveals
that competition law allows a great deal of flexibility to ensure economic
efficiency in a crisis and provides significant block and ad-hoc exemptions,
but it has strengthened its surveillance and governance in particular health
markets and public essentials and commodities. Confronting unnecessary
collaboration of competitors, especially exchange of commercially sensitive
information, excessive pricing in pharmaceuticals and health products,
prohibition of misleading statements about drugs or Covid-19 treatment
methods, facilitating mergers between R&D undertakings or centers in
health sector, regulating state aid to enterprises affected by the Covid-19
crisis and the regulation of unilateral and direct government interventions in
competition is one of the important calls of competition law in the during
particular period of time. Although it must be admitted that competition law is
not ready for facing up to all aspects of the Covid-19 crisis and balancing
between protection of its fundamental values on one hand and safeguarding
economic activities and assuring public health in the other hand. In Iranian law,
this difficulty is more evident because our existing competition law has no
solution to the problem and, accordingly, the current rules needs revision.


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