Study of Changes in Company law in the Coronavirus Pandemic From the Perspective of Theoretical and Legal Basis

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1 Institute for management and planning studies

2 Assistant Professor, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Head of the National Research Center on Health Law, Tehran, Iran.



The coronavirus pandemic experience showed that in pandemics and
similar conditions such as the spread of Infection, contamination or radiation
which present or could present significant harm to the human health, it is
difficult to enforce certain legal obligations governing companies. Agile
legal systems quickly responded to these situations by changing their legal
provisions and adapting conditions. In this article, by comparative study of
Iran and England laws and regulations, the theoretical foundations, legal
basis and limits of stat's intervention in Company law in Coronavirus
Pandemic are examined. This study shows that in coronavirus pandemic, In
order to protect the public interest, UK government has adopted the
approach of rapid and extensive intervention in the field of corporate law.
Concession theory, more than other theoretical foundations of Corporate
Law, justifies the theoretical basis of this vast and rapid state intervention
and Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 provided the legal basis for
this intervention. Among the existing legal capacities, Iran's legal system has
used the capacity of Article 176 of the Constitution to respond quickly to the
public health threats in the Coronavirus Pandemic. But state intervention in
Iran's Corporate Law has been more limited.


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