The Effects of Covid-19 Disease on Social Security Funds (Comparative Study)

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1 Ph.D. in Criminal Law and Criminology, Shahid Beheshti University

2 Assistant Professor Faculty Law Islamic Azad University of central Tehran Branch



With the spread of the coronavirus disease, the states for managing its
economic and social effects have implemented support social packages.
Among the social packages provided by the governments to support workers,
employers and production the social security incentives are notable.
Insurance exemptions, reducing employer and worker contributions,
deferring premiums, paying unemployment benefits, paying sick benefits or
paying financial aid were some of the incentives that social security
organizations in the Corona crisis have paid. However, in some countries the
coverage of these support packages are subjected to non-dismissal workers.
In the Iranian legal system, the protection of individuals in times of social,
economic and natural crisis according to the Act of Structure of the
Comprehensive System of Welfare and Social Security approved on
21/2/2004 is the duty of the government. Iranian Social Security
organization, as one of the largest social insurance institutions in Iran,
implemented policies and programs adopted by the government and other
decision-making institutions. Part of this policy was economic support such
as paying unemployment benefits or delaying the payment of premiums.
Some other policies were adopted in the form of treatment measures for the
treatment of coronary heart disease in the organization's hospitals. However,
all of these measures have incurred high costs for the Social Security
Administration, and it is, therefore, necessary for the government to
reimburse a significant portion of these costs. This article explains the
policies and actions of social security organizations in different countries
during the Corona crisis. It, then, examines Iran's social security system and
its policies and programs at the time of the spread of the coronavirus. In this
regard, in the first part, the social security policies and programs of different
governments at the time of the spread of the coronavirus are described and in
the second part, the policies and programs of the social security system of
Iran are analyzed.


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