A Consideration of International Health Organization Regulations (2005) emphasizing on the Outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic

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Department of law and political sciences



The coronavirus crossed China's national borders in January 2020,
rapidly infected a large number of countries in less than six months. Indeed,
the outbreak of infectious diseases is not unprecedented in the world, yet, the
harmful effects of such a dangerous virus on economy, industry, tourism,
politics, sports, and even routine life caused serious challenges for states and
other actors at both national and international levels. As a result, it is time to
reconsideration the ways of facing and managing pandemics by focusing on
existing legal system to find the gaps and to provide the efficient ways of
dealing with such severe challenges of international law. Thus, this article
seeks to provide a legal analysis of the International Health Organization
Regulations (2005) by focusing on capacities, regulations and loopholes of
the document to find its legal status in the international human rights system.
Certainly, in this critical context, a universal coalition between international
organizations and states, a global cooperation among all actors as well as a
well-organized legal framework should be considered as the last resolution
for international community to survive.


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