Lawyers' disciplinary responsibility and the principles of its procedure

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هیئت علمی دانشگاه شیراز



Disciplinary supervision of the function of lawyers, like other professions, has been entrusted to the members of the Bar association, which in a way is considered to be the realization of self-regulation. The aforementioned supervision guarantees the rights of citizens (clients), public and social public interests, and on the other hand, the efficiency of Bar associations in the position of defending the rights of its members and especially as a civil institution and in the position of realizing democratic supervision over the government. However, the basic question in this article is: how reliable is the existing legal process in the area of responsibility and disciplinary infraction of lawyers, and on the other hand, what possible problems does it have?

By focusing on the principles of fair trial, it can be seen that the legality of the court, the legality of the procedure, the legality of infractions and disciplinary punishments have been considered to a large extent in the legal bill on the independence of the Bar Association and subsequent regulations, but the basis of the regulations crimes and punishments have caused challenges so far.


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