The Role of Supreme Court in Unification and Progress of Law concerning the Attorney at Law

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1 University of Tehran, Faculty of Law & Political Science

2 PhD Candidate of Private Law University of Tehran



Between the years 1335 to 1398 (in Persian Calendar) , 10 Unification Judgments have been issued on the subject of Lawyers and Attorney at Laws, which can be classified into four categories according to the subjective dimensions of each. Examining these Unification Judgments shows the fact that they have had a significant impact on the issues surrounding Lawyers and Attorney at Laws in Iran's legal system and not only have removed legal gaps and ambiguities to an acceptable extent, but some of these judgments have guaranteed people's rights. Also, their access to the services of lawyers has been facilitated. Also, have had an impact on the material and moral rights related to the legal profession. Most of these judgments, which of course were issued correctly and in accordance with the law, have still preserved their credibility, but the credibility of two of them due to the change in the laws is questionable. This article shows the role of Supreme Court in the standardization of law of Lawyers and Attorney at Laws.


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