The Role of International Space Law in the Use of Space Technologies to Deal with Infectious Diseases- Covid 19

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(Assistant Professor of Law, Aerospace Research Institute)



Infectious diseases, especially Covid-19, have spread rapidly worldwide in recent years and have caused severe human, financial, economic, and other damage to countries. Space technologies have been essential in dealing with the disease and providing services to all people. However, using the technologies raises some legal issues. Providing services and information from space technologies without discrimination among all countries and their availability will be crucial in curbing these diseases. Do the existing space laws present the necessary platform for using space technologies to confront diseases and develop international cooperation? Moreover, what legal regulations are necessary to improve the availability of information to everyone and protect privacy in the future? The international space community should develop new regulations and guidelines to monitor data transfer and international cooperation between countries. To achieve this goal, they should facilitate international cooperation in space information transmission for all countries and prevent privacy violations. While examining some principles of the existing international space laws that frame the use of space technologies to confront infectious diseases, this article discusses legal issues and provides solutions.


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