Criteria for Exercise Jurisdiction On multinational corporations

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Today, because of ignoring the interests of the host country, Following the observance of human rights standards, Environmental rights and Economic concerns such The outflow of capital from the country and also The power and interference of these companies in the political issues of the host country, Governments are trying to make multinational companies Under the jurisdiction of the domestic courts. in these areas The connection is "Territorial" and the connection of "Citizenship". Connects the government to a multinational corporation. However, the practice of developed governments Like the United States (In the description and application of the jurisdiction of these enterprises in their laws) Shows that governments tend to Find More communication lines to exercise jurisdiction On multinational corporations such (Benchmark Supervision, the citizenship of shareholders or managers, manufactured goods, etc.) Principle of territorial jurisdiction of the court Prevent them from exercising their jurisdiction over multinational corporations But if a multinational corporation Intends to The legal personality of their affiliates As cover To stay safe from pursuing local courts, Can be used The piercing the corporate veil rule to apply The jurisdiction of the court to the multinational corporation. At the same time, the courts can investigate crimes and violations of multinational corporations Based on violations of international human rights


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