The challenges of environmental responsibility of sponsor state for pollution caused by mining in the Area

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1 Department of law, faculty of law and political sciences, University of Mazandaran, Tehran, Iran.

2 University of Mazandaran


The deep Seabed or oceans floor beyond national jurisdiction of states, is rich of mineral resources. Industrial and technological progresses has been leading to increased need for minerals, , many states with the aim of meeting their industrial needs made efforts to explore and exploit the mineral resources of the Area. Since the human knowledge about the Area,s environment is not comprehensive mining and the exploitation may leads to the pollution and environmental damages. In order to protecting the marine environment, the Law of Sea Convention (1982), imposed previsions, whether for provide full protection for the marine environment, or for the full and complete compensation. The protection duty leads to talk about the responsibility or liability of sponsor state.Since the Area is the common heritage of mankind, the Major issue is whether the liability system envisaged by the Convention and related regulations, are a comprehensive system to protect the Area's environment or not?.The present Article with a descriptive-analytic approach identify and analyze various aspects of international responsibility of the sponsor state arise from the activities in the Area.


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