Inspection of the right to bargain on pharmaceutical products and therapeutic products in Iranian law and Imamie jurisprudence with the approach to EU documents

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1 shahid beheshty

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the sake of justice and fairness, the right of the consumer to have a good deal, which is construed as the right to bargaining, is to be considered. Is located. Accordingly, in the European Union, with an economic approach, it is the patient who receives the drug as a consumer of the highest degree of satisfaction and desirability. Therefore, a consumer drug must give the patient the highest degree of satisfaction with the cost paid for the drug and the consumer can negotiate with the manufacturer in order to expand his / her growth, and the contract will not be imposed on him / her. In Iran's law, the creation of a balance has been of interest to the legislature, and has also approved the consumer protection law; however, this new right has been neglected in the same law and similar laws; however, it should be acknowledged that the basis of this right For the consumer of medicinal products in Imamieh jurisprudence, special attention has been paid to the legitimacy of the right to bargaining in the jurisprudential basis, but in jurisprudence, after the conclusion of the contract, the right to bargain for the consumer about the drug being traded And this right can only be applied at the time of the pre-contract negotiations, so it is recommended that the legislator in the law This separation, which protects consumers of medical products, recognizes this right at pre-contractual times and supports the consumer with the necessary enforcement guarantees.


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