Right to associations promoting consumer rights in medicine and medicine in Iranian law and Imamie jurisprudence

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The protection of consumer rights should be seen as the existence of associations protecting their rights, which are intended to ensure the protection of consumer rights. Consumers' associations and associations have characteristics such as non-governmental, nonprofit, peoples, voluntary, and legal entities, according to which in the laws of the states, they are considered to have obligations to protect the rights of patients to Consumer title for pharmaceutical and therapeutic products. Commitments such as resolving disputes between the consumer of pharmaceutical products and the manufacturer of these products, providing necessary training and counseling services, criticizing the quality and composition of pharmaceutical products and how they are supplied, litigating on behalf of patients as an unrelated consumer of production Non-standard and insecure products of the drug, raising awareness and increasing the level of knowledge of consumers through the implementation of educational programs and advising patients, proposing relevant and relevant rules to support patients as consumers of these products, as well as providing strategies. And monk The operating procedures for the implementation of the laws related to the consumer rights of pharmaceutical products, which are based on these associations in Imamiyya jurisprudence, can be applied to the cooperative for goodness and goodness, according to which individuals should assist and assist each other in good and bad manner. In this regard, it should be cited by the general public in support of poor people that patients should be supported by the sponsoring institutions as advisable to consumers of pharmaceutical products.


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