The status and validity of judicial hunch

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1 Assistant Professor at Justice University

2 Ph.d in Private Law at Justice University


Decision-making styles are various among the judges. Each judge follows a unique mental structure and pattern to reach a decision which this pattern is revealed by decision making in relation to many other factors. The root of this difference is because Judges make their decisions based on the characteristics of emotional intelligence, personality-psychic, tacit knowledge, and perception of various phenomena, attitudes or experiences and special strategies that acquired during the judicial practice. The term that is called "Judicial hunch" in addition, it is in the style of intuitive decision making with the involvement of all of the abovementioned factors the superiority of a judge over another judge it determines the quality of judicial hunch. There is disagreement as to the validity of decisions based on judicial hunch. This essay tries to review the concept of judicial hunch in the context of the intuitive decision making style and related concepts as well as the factors that make up the difference in this category based on theoretical approaches.


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