Consumer credit protection in the banking system

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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran.

2 monetary and banking research institute



The increase in the strength of different enterprises due to economic developments in recent decades, has eliminated the equality in the bargaining power of the contracting parties specially in relationship between the bank and consumers, let alone consumer credit in our discussion, hence it caused an imbalance which is implied that the absolute reliance on the principle of contractual freedom and The Autonomy of Will or in other words in a manner that is strictly limited to the traditional rules of classical contract law does not necessarily entail Commutative justice in such contracts. in particular these contracts based on Article 23 of the Law on the Continued Improvement of the Business Environment are pre-prepared and offered to consumer without the possibility of altering. Thereupon to protect the "weaker party" along with using some common law doctrine such as "undue unfluence" and "unfairness doctrine" in order to cancel the contract or alter the contractual terms, which already there are some indications of utilization of those principles in our legal and regulatory system, The legislator can, by amending article 23 of the above mentioned law, prepare a flexible contractual situation for consumers in comparison with other banking customers, as the case may be.


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