Comparative study of the conditions and procedure for the appointment of administrative judges in the legal system of Iran and France

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The Administrative Justice Court has been a successful and influential institution in the history of the judiciary after the Islamic Revolution. But in the current situation, many judges and individuals working in the Administrative Justice Court have private, criminal, and formal studies of administrative proceedings. This situation has caused the votes of the Administrative Court to have a poor public record, which is why, despite three decades of activity, the Tribunal has not yet been able to provide the legal community with an acceptable administrative procedure, and the votes of the branches and the board The General Court of Administrative Justice has not changed the origin of the work in the administrative rights of the country. Many incorrect administrative procedures have emerged, often due to a lack of understanding of the basic concepts and principles of public law knowledge. The existence of these alien judges with public rights is one of the most important issues facing the Administrative Justice Tribunal, and until such time as the problem is resolved, the Administrative Justice Court can not expect a change in administrative law. Therefore, the necessity of using expert judges and experts in the field of public law has been the usual demands of public law professors.


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