A Comparative Study of the Evaluation of Children’s Physical Damage in Iranian Law and US laws

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The compensation of personal injury is an important part of civil law. Today it is more important because of improvement of medical science and increasing of dangerous environments. The personal injuries include some types of losses and their assessments are different and difficult. This difficulty is more in assessing the children’s injuries. We do not have enough background and many thing is based on guesses.in USA they pay attention to their needs and compensate them but in minimum sizes. we want to study about the possibility of compensating children’s personal injury in Iran law .we will use the suggest from American law. For example we can use the structured payment in loss of deprivation from revenue capability. Also we can use periodic payments in medical injuries or we can use a lump sum in emotional damages. Any way it is important to know that we consider that our law about diyah and personal injuries let us to assess the personal injury damages.


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