Author = Bayatkomitaki, Mahnaz
Explanation on non evolution of modern state in Afghanistan and its effects on Human Rights

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 27 June 2021


Shahryar Nabavi; مهناز بیات

Obtaining a virginity certificate in iranian legal system; possibility or refusal?

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 14 January 2024


مهناز بیات; Rambod Domirani

Changing the legislative paradigm during the transition to the digital age

Volume 26, Issue 102, August 2023, Pages 301-318


ATEFEH MORADIESLAMi; Mahnaz Bayatkomitaki

Limitations of Positive Legal Recognition of Intersex Persons

Volume 25, Issue 99, December 2022, Pages 293-316


مهناز بیات; Kosar Enjelas

Analytical study of the nature of the regulations of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolutio

Volume 24, Issue 94, July 2021, Pages 191-215


Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; مهناز بیات; Mahdi Balavi

right to media literacy

Volume 22, Issue 86, August 2019, Pages 327-352


mahnaz bayat komitaki; zeinolabedin yazdanpanah


Volume 20, Issue 77, June 2017, Pages 319-344