Social prevention of terrorist crimes

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1 Ph.D. in Criminal Law and Criminology, Shahid Beheshti University

2 Shahid beheshti



Different communities with various methods of control of terrorist crimes seek to reduce the rates of crimes in order to provide security and maintain sovereignty. However, the growing of terrorist crimes and the inefficiency of the criminal justice system of different countries in this field indicates that it must be used to face this phenomenon. One of the most important preventive mechanisms in the field of terrorist crimes is social prevention, which is critical to various tools in the effort to prevent entry into terrorist activities or taking out people from the crime cycle, however, the way to implement these mechanisms is critical because these long - term measures should eventually lead to loss of crime or sustainable reduction. The prevailing belief in the perpetrators of terrorist crimes is that a terrorist is always terrorists, and for this reason, the only way to eliminate them from the cycle of crime is physical punishment such as execution or permanent imprisonment. However, the findings of cognitive studies show that the probability of success of social prevention programs on individuals is exposed to the risk of delinquency or stopping the delinquency among terrorist groups.


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