Considering applicability of International Humanitarian Law to Transnational Armed Groups

Document Type : Original Article


1 phd.diss.Dpartement of law,QomBranch,Islamic Azad, University,Iran.

2 Associated Prof. in International Law, Hazrate Masoumeh University, Qom.



Placing States military confrontation against Transnational Non- state Armed Groups in area of Non-international Armed Conflicts and the principle of equity of belligerents, have been caused applying of International Humanitarian Law to members of such Groups is being faced with fundamental problems. By considering the existing shortcomings and gaps, this question arises that is it possible to apply these principles and rules fully to Transnational Non-state Armed Groups? Or, in spite of this fact that the rules and principles of International Humanitarian Law have been prepared and edited by States, it is needed to find a new solution through preparing and formulating amending regulations for more coverage of such groups. Accordingly, by identifying strengths and weaknesses of International Humanitarian Law through analyzing and description of library information and documents, we would like to determine the amount of supportive coverage, advantages and disadvantages of this law when encountering with Transnational Non-state Armed Groups


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