Organizing a notary public company in the light of the notary public representation (Using the data of comparative law)

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Law, University of Kashan



Organizing professional participatory performance with characteristic of representing government in proper governance system, it is place of conversation. There’s no doubt that notary is representative of government to perform Government sovereignty of document registration. Giving share of the power of sovereignty and permanent and ubiquitous supervision over notary public isn’t unreasonable. In participatory performance. There is fear of removing authority with veil of legal personality and creating negative attitude towards this sector. Solution can given by using the favor of comparative law and with correct organization of participatory performance. According to French participatory implementation experience, structures don’t break, but molds change. Legislature to organize participatory performance due to presence of partner, maintains public service and continuity and strengthens it by ensuring existence of legal personality. On one hand, discipline and arranged, assent and appointment, transfer and disconnection done under monitoring of government. On the other, despite legal personality and bond created between the partners in absence of one or more partners, company activity continues with sponsorship of other partners. Corporate disciplinary punishment is possible and rejection cases spread from one partner to another. Cause of dissolution must be reduced and regressive effect of invalidity disappears until complete Government sovereignty of document registration continuity and manifestations of good governance appear in the notary public.


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