The effect of negotiation skill on the lawyer act and the importance of educating it by bar association

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PH. D. in Private Law of University of Isfahan



Nowadays although most people pursue the improvement of their professional development, very few of them concentrate on the specialized issues as well as the behavioral and work ethic of their career. A successful negotiation, as a lawyer’s basic goal, needs several technical skills including, being cognizant of body language, speech-making, types of character, and the knowledge of negotiation. learning Negotiation as a knowledge paves the way for a lawyer to employ his/her practical and juridical expertise efficiently. Another critical issue is the fact that members of society place their trust in lawyers’ expertise and capability in that they hand their assets, lives, and faces over to lawyers. This means that a lawyer’s negotiation skill is implicitly assumed as a prerequisite in the attorney contract. In fact, the credit of a lawyer’s certificate highly depends on the lawyer’s negotiation skills. Thus, the scientific and technical education of these subjects as well as the emphasis on the essentiality of profound and constant learning could lead to the internalization of the negotiation skill. Equipping lawyers with negotiation expertise is not only a prerequisite for their professional development but also a moral commitment to their contracts. Achieving this skill is not attainable without the help of bar associations and establishing disciplined educational procedures for trainees and lawyers.


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