Confronting Bribery in International Trade: A Comparative Study of US and UK Acts

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Prevalence of bribery is the one of the major problems of international trade. Nowadays, bribery has dominated commercial activities and affected its various aspects. It is necessary to combat bribery spread and its adverse effect in domestic and international arena. Enactment of "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" by United States in 1977 is the first serious action in this regard. United States is the first country has enacted comprehensive act to encounter bribery in domestic and international arena.With enactment of "bribery act" in 2010, England obviated the weakness of its antibribery laws and could encounter bribery effectively. These acts are too important and most of the multinational corporations plan to respect their provisions. prosecution authorities of these countries prosecute most of the domestic and foreign persons and companies due to breach of these acts. The present research aims to study these acts and discover way of encounter bribery in international trade through their provisions


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